Merciless Onslaught for Friday October 22nd 2010


Here’s what I played, if you heard the last hour of the show then you heard a Mini Birthday Set for my Best Friend Baja (PervoGoat) so the last 11 tracks were chosen by her not me. I will say that Baja will be back to host a future episode of Merciless Onslaught which I will rename “Perverted Onslaught”

The link below is a song I couldn’t play on the show for her so here it is
Crystal Castles – “Doe Deer”

0. Eisenfunk – “Load *,8, 1” (Background Music for my part of the show)
00. Noisuf-X – “Hit Me Hard” (Background Music for the Birthday Set)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw”

2. Weapon – “Furor Divinus”

3. Penumbra – “The Prophetess”

4. Thornspawn – “Man, Thy Name Is Satan”

5. Soulless – “What Remains”

6. Father Befouled – “Reeking of Piss and Sadness”

7. Cemetery Urn – “Sadistic Murder”

8. WAN -“Wolves of the North”

9. Backwater – “Backwater”

10. Red Harvest – “A.E.P.”

11. Bestial Warlust – “Bestial Warlust”

12. Furze – “Beneath the Wings of the Black Vomit Above”

13. Slaughtered Priest – “Bestial Nun Sluts”

14. Slaughtered Priest – “Disgraceful Christians”

15. A Transylvanian Funeral – “Hammer of the Witch”

16. Goatlord – “Acid Orgy”

17. Vulture Lord – “Jaws of Satan” (Sathanas Cover)

18. Sacred Storm – “Extreme Assault”

19. Hellish Crossfire – “Claw of the Reaper”

20. Funeral Goat – “Essence Ov Impiety”

21. Unholy Kill – “Prvotni Hostina”

22. Excoriate – “From Morbid Ruins”

23. Hexlust – “Tombs of the Blind Dead”

24. Skuldom – “There is Only Satan” *Requested*

25. Sentinel Beast – “Sentinel Beast”

26. Holy Moses – “Hate Is Just A 4 Letter Word” (Shock Therapy Cover)

27. Evil Incarnate – “Gospel of Blasphame”

28. Human Meat Market – “Skill Saw C-Section”

29. Sacrificial Slaughter – “Reign of the Hammer”

(Baja’s Mini Birthday Set)

30. Exodus – “Bonded By Blood”

31. Deicide – “Lunatic of God’s Creation”

32. Janis Joplin – “Ball And Chain”

33. Sadus – “Desolator”

34. Violator – “Brainwash Possession”

35. Bestial Holocaust – “Fornication in the Land of Death”

36. Cryptic Slaughter – “Money Talks”

37. Mayhem – “Necrolust”

38. Crystal Castles – “Crimewave [Crystal Castles VS Health]”

39. Death – “Open Casket”

40. Obituary – “Slowly We Rot”

41. D.R.I. – “Thrashard”
(Baja’s Mini Birthday Set)

Okay I think with that last track I was playing got cut off by Time Warner, reason was cause they were upgrading my net so on the next show I will continue Baja’s Mini B-Day Set with a few more songs that didn’t get played

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