My Favorite Releases of 2010


This list is just albums I liked the most from the whole year, some of these might not be the fucking best but I listen to them and its MY list of favorites so if you don’t like the list go make your own damn list! Not everything I liked made the list so you’ll have to hear my show for some of the ones that didn’t make it on.
January 7th 2011 is the show I’ll be playing songs from this list and some extras.
Starting with my favorite:

1. Witchaven – “Terrorstorm”

2. Ghost – “Opus Eponymous” / “Elisabeth”

3. Children of Technology – “It’s Time to Face the Doomsday”

4. Weapon – “From The Devils Tomb”

5. Crystal Castles – “II”

6. Diocletian – “War of All Against All”

7. Denouncement Pyre – “World Cremation”

8. Waklevören – “De Dødes Arkiv”

9. Kerasphorus – “Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn”

10. A Transylvanian Funeral – “The Outsider”

11. WAN – “Wolves of the North”

12. Sadokist – “Horrors From Hell”

13. Maniac Butcher – “Masakr”

14. Vasaeleth – “Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin”

15. Janaza – “Burning Quran Ceremony”

16. Xibalba – “Demo”

17. Cruel Force – “The Rise of Satanic Might”

18. Nails’ – “Unsilent Death”

19. Morbid Carnage – “Night Assassins”

20. Pandegoreium – “Wisdom of Brutality”

21. Hellish Crossfire – “Bloodrust Scythe”

22. Celestia – “Archaenae Perfectii L’arche Arcane Des Parfaits”

23. Wooden Stake – “Vampire Plague Exorcism”

24. Vaginal Bear Trap – “Slow Jams”

25. Witchgrave – “The Devil’s Night”
“Merciless Onslaught”
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