Tormented Onslaught for Sunday January 23rd 2011


I was filling in for Jason host of “Hours of Torment” (Sundays 4pm-6pm EST) so I changed the title a bit to “Tormented Onslaught” just cause I can and I was going to show an example of my Onslaught to people of Sundays! hahah!!
Here was my Slaughter!

0. Fear of Eternity – “Toward the Castle” (background music for show #1)

00. Suicide Commando – “See You In Hell” (background music for show #2)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (my opening theme)

2. Dekapitator – “Deathstrike Command”

3. Nuclearhammer – “Impalement (of the wretched)”

4. Cemetery Urn – “Wrath from the Grave”

5. Vasaeleth – “Curse Seeping Through Flesh”

6. Father Befouled – “Sulfurous Majesty Above Man”

7. Raped God 666 – “The Hellbeast”

8. Mefitic – “Diseased Ruth”

9. Tsjuder – “Dying Spirits”

10. Morbid Scream – “A Fist in the Face”

11. Crucifixionhammer – “Ghouls Desecrate”

12. Godless Rising – “Into Obscurity”

13. The Black (Swe) – “After My Prayers”

14. Hexlust – “Tombs of the Blind Dead”

15. Bonded By Blood – “Psychotic Pulse”

16. Necros Christos – “Tormented Flesh on the Mount of Crucifixion”

17. Tjolgtjar – “Dark Tjolg Mindtrip”

18. Denouncement Pyre – “Black Womb of Magdalene”

19. Gorefest – “Fear”

20. Mausoleum (USA) – “Military Trend”

21. Anata – “Under Azure Skies”

22. Archgoat – “Dawn of the Black Light” *for Ruben*

23. Inquisition – “Crush the Jewish Prophet” *for Ruben*

24. Enthroned – “Tales from a Blackened Horde”

25. Bonded By Blood – “Theme from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

26. Hexlust – “Troops of Doom” (Sepultura Cover)

27. Hexlust – “Sodomy and Lust” (Sodom Cover)

28. Moonblood – “Then Came the Silence”
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