Epic Onslaught for Friday April 15, 2011

Welcome to the Merciless Onslaught that was Epic!

Short set of songs this week as I had myself another special for my 35th show, EVERY song played was over 10 minutes long with the longest being 38 minutes.

Here was my Onslaught!

0. Suicide Commando – “See You In Hell” (Background Music)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Dodsferd – “…And Disease Was Spread In A Matter Of Seconds”

3. Dawn – “Falcula”

4. Impiety – “Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny”

5. Tsjuder – “Morbid Lust”

6. Axeman – “Metnal”

7. Excoriate – “Demons Rush”

8. Totem – “Tauti”

9. Ceremonial Castings – “Our Journey Through Forever”

10. Slavecrushing Tyrant – “Kshatriya”

11. Ondskapt – “II”

12. Congenital Hell – “Solitude”

13. Surrender of Divinity – “Conquerors”

14. Abysmal Grief – “The Necromass: Always They Answer”

“Merciless Onslaught”

On Brutal Existence Radio

Every Friday At 3pm-6pm EST


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