15th Merciless Model – Lady Violet Arcane

Lady Violet Arcane

North Carolina
(15th Merciless Model – June 26, 2011)


Lady Violet Arcane has been performing in front of large club crowds since she was 18. She has entertained at events in 6 states and 10 cities and shows no sign of slowing down. Her stage presence, costuming skills, and ever-expanding repertoire of performance skills make her a desirable addition to any project.She currently manages and performs with The Succubus Sorority, an alternative variety show of whose skills include fire breathing and eating, grinder shows, burlesque, and fetish performances. Keep an eye out for them- with upcoming tours planned, they may be coming to a city near you.

She has modeled for a variety of photographers and projects, as well as live modeling at fetish events such as Fetishcon, Skin Two USA, and Domcon L.A. and Atlanta. She is the covergirl for Reverie Realm’s 2011 wall calendar.

Goth Girl of the Week – http://gothgirlweek.blogspot.com/2009/10/feature-violet-arcane.html

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Merciless Onslaught for June 24, 2011

Not as much obscure bands as before but still had some in there, I will say I did try to throw in a bit more Death Metal since I don’t put in as much. Good Onslaught it was but still had some buffering at the end oh well enjoy you fuckers!

0. Ayat – “Thousands of Pissed Off Motherfuckers” (Background Music)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Insecticide – “Phobia”

3. Gorguts – “Drifting Remains”

4. Merrimack – “Insemination”

5. Krisiun – “Murderer”

6. Raped God 666 – “Diabolic Genocides”

7. Grimness69 – “Lucy Was Pregnant”

8. Lair of the Minotaur – “Horde of Undead Vengeance”

9. Infernal Stronghold – “Excommunicated”

10. Cavus – “Frozen Blood Flows”

11. Necroslut – “Praise Fallen Souls”

12. Sacrificial Slaughter – “Ruthless & Truthless”

13. Deceased… – “Fading Survival”

14. Ecocide – “The Aftermath”

15. Grave Ritual – “Beyond Diabolus”

16. Disfigured – “Morticians Madness”

17. Municipal Waste – “Sweet Attack”

18. Viral Load – “Lacerated Flesh”

19. Gomorrah – “Sewer-Cide”

20. Plutonian Shore – “To Conjure Goetic Spirits”

21. Celestia – “Death of the Lizard Queen (Necro Phaanthasma)”

22. Iniquitous – “Reprisal of the Ravaged”

23. Imprecation – “As Blasphemy Reigns”

24. Gravehill – “Kill All That Lives”

25. Sadus – “Hands of Fate”

26. Infernal War – “Regime of Terror”

27. Tsjuder – “Kill For Satan”

28. Hypocrisy – “Roswell 47”

29. Nervo Chaos – “Nailed to the Bed of Worms”

30. Vaginal Bear Trap – “Echoes of Extermination”

31. Belphegor – “The Goatchrist”

32. Proclamation – “Remains of the Sacrifice”

33. Pungent Stench – “Brainpan Blues”

34. D.R.I. – “I’d Rather Be Sleeping”

35. Engaged In Mutilating – “Out of the Body” *Pestilence Cover*

36. GoatCraft – “Monarch of the Goat”

37. Dead Congregation – “Vomit Christ”

38. Piñata Protest – “No Que Si”

39. Nuclëar Fröst – Nuclear Winter Gloom

40. Nuclear Fishsticks – “Wasting Time”

41. Product of Waste – “Life is War”

42. Seven Sisters of Sleep – “Passed Out Standing”

43. Incriminated – “The Prayer”

44. Morta Skuld – “Without Sin”

45. Speckman Project – “Funeral Bitch”

46. DxDxOx – Quanto Mais Rico Mais Idiota”

47. Wretched – “La LOgica del Potere”

48. Napalm Death – “Morbid Deceiver”

49. Dying Fetus – “Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog”

50. Hellcrawler – “Motosluts From Hell”

51. Kenaz – “La Fureur Du Nord”

52. ACxDC – “Death Spare Not The Tiger”

53. Enjoy My Bitch! – “I’ve Seen A Slut on the Cross”

54. Botfly – “Rising Son’s”
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14th Merciless Model – Ellie Love Zombie

Ellie Love Zombie

Longmont, Colorado 
(14th Merciless Model – June 19, 2011)



Ive been modeling for about 5 years now…I’m open to do anything from guts to glamour…I only shoot nudes with FaceDown Photography, my hubby, lol….He also escorts me to shoots but is professional and stays out of the way..I also bring my daughter everywhere, including shoots…no worries she is well behaved…I model because I enjoy it..not to be famous or make money…I have a small “cult” following, but they are loyal and i love them!!…I say “fuck” and “dude” A LOT..I LOVE the 80’s..I change my hair color like every six months..music is definitely my weapon….I’m just me dudes…I stay busy doing live concert photography and interviews with my hubby…If you would like to book me, please contact Shaun at FaceDownPromotions@gmail.com
below are all our links to all social networks along with bands/tours we have covered with interviews, band pics and live pics and also listed below are bands that are currently on FaceDown Promotions..also is included is a link to the Rockstar Lounge in Downtown Denver that we promote and book shows for


Ellie Love Zombie Facebook


FaceDown Photography Facebook

FaceDown Promotions Facebook

FaceDown TV Facebook

FaceDown Promotions Linkedin

 FaceDown Promotions Twitter

FaceDown Photography Myspace

FaceDown Photography Model Mayhem

FaceDown Promotions ReverbNation

FaceDown Photography ReverbNation

ROCKSTAR LOUNGE – Downtown Denver

GORE NOIR MAGAZINE – publication ( horror,music, tattoos, photography & more )

Slingin Ink Magazine – publication(tattoo & music)





The Cool Tour with As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Between The Buried and Me, Cancer Bats, Bless The Fall, The Architects, Acacia Strain, War Of Ages 2010
Tonight We Feel Alive Tour with Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid, American Fangs and The Wonder Years 2010

Fearless Friends Tour with Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, Go Radio, Artist vs Poet and Every Avenue 2010

Out With The In Crowd Tour with Bayside, Senses Fail, Balance and Composure and Title Fight  2010

Reel Big Fish vs The Aqubats Tour with Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats, Suburban Legends and Koo Koo Kangaroo 2010

The Bloody Pit Of Horror Tour with GWAR, Mobile Death Camp, Infernaeon and The Casualties  2010

Norma Jean 2010

Congregation Of The Damned Tour  with Atreyu and Bless The Fall(did Bless The Fall) 2010

The Queers 2010

Tromapalooza 2010 with Troma creator/founder of The Toxic Avenger Lloyd Kaufman and many many more

The Nekromantiks 2010

The Winterizer Tour 2011 with Silverstein, The Chariot, Miss May I and Bullet For Pretty Boy

The North American Tour with Underoath, A Skylit Drive, Thursday and Animals As Leaders

Bound By The Road Tour 2011 with Devildriver, Cancer Bats, Baptized In Blood and Allegaeon

The Dead Masquerade Tour 2011 with Escape The Fate, Alesana, Motionless In White and Get Scared

2011 As I Lay Dying, Winds Of Plague and After The Burial

The Reckless And Relentless Tour 2011 with Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Evergreen Terrace, Miss May I, Chiodos and Lower Than Atlantis

2011 Protest The Hero

2011 Roger Miret ( Agnostic Front ) and The Disasters

The EndGame Tour 2011 with Rise Against, Bad Religion and Four Year Strong

2011 Unwritten Law and Authority Zero

2011 Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan

Hed To Head Tour 2011 with (hed)PE, Mushroomhead and Better Left Unsaid

The Stick Tight Tour 2011 with Terror, Stick To Your Guns, Close Your Eyes and Your Demise




FaceDown Promotions
Shaun Blayer




Upon The Arrival

Suicide In Heaven

Rose Of Sharyn

Mouth Of The Serpent

To Kill A Sunrise


Mobile DeathCamp (ex GWAR member)

Vision Eyes

Die Before Revenge

The Arrogant Bastards

Unblessing Remains

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Merciless Onslaught for June 17, 2011

Hopefully there wasn’t any buffering on this one cause it was pretty kick ass, had many new shit I haven’t played before and different mixes of genres as always so here was my Onslaught!


0. F.C.D.N. Tormenttor – “Mystic Rites” (Background Music)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Morbid Carnage – “Warlust”

3. Antichrist – “Put to Death”

4. Toxic Shock – “Breakout”

5. Power From Hell – “Bestial Times”

6. Sadistik Exekution – “The Magus”

7. Wastelander – “Earth Wreck”

8. Doomed Youth – “After the Outbreak”

9. Birth A.D. – “Parasites Die”

10. Taste of Blood – “Scarred” *for Ashley*

11. Numbskull – “Awkward Moment of Violence”

12. The Crypt – “Colder in the Fire”

13. Black Rainbows – “Himalaya”

14. Brats – “Dreams”

15. Discharge – “Ain’t No Feeble Bastard”

16. Sadism – “Days of Tribulation”

17. Saxon King – “All Hammers Down”

18. Slaughter – “Nocturnel Hell”

19. Perversor – “Devastation of the Earth”

20. Death Vomit – “Death Vomit”

21. Witchtower – “Shadows Bleed”

22. Genocide – “Die Wasted”

23. Cryptic Rites – “Sodomy”

24. Broken Gravestones – “The Rising Dead”

25. Atomic Roar – “Screaming from the Sewer”

26. Hordes of the Morning Star – “Ashes”

27. Lazaa – “An Offering for Bestiality”

28. Bombs of Hades – “Infernal Return”

29. Ruins – “Full Moon Sacrifice”

30. Nuclear Fishsticks – “1+1 = 3”

31. Negative Plane – “Lamentations And Ashes”

32. Raspberry Bulbs – “Face In The Cave”

33. Ramlord – “Where the Waves Still Crash”

34. Mantak – “Hellfernal Blasphemies”

35. Humungus – “In The Womb”

36. Orisha Shakpana – “The Anal Damage of Jesus Christ”

37. Cruel Force – “Satanic Might”

38. Death Tripper – “Canis Major”

39. Children of Technology – “Vultures Over Cities In Flames”

40. Siege – “Conform”

41. Religio Mortis – “Varcata la Soglia”

42. Sigh – “Shingontachikawa”

43. Burke – “Comic Books”

44. Creamface – “Salad Dressing”

45. Wehrmacht – “Suck My Dick”

46. Nuclear Death Terror – “Nightmare Reality”

47. Pentacrostic – “Cult of Illusion”




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13th Merciless Model – Michelle Nightshade

Michelle Nightshade

(13th Merciless Model – June 12, 2011)

Born in Italy and grew up in England, she now resides in San Antonio, Texas. She did some modeling in the past. Her interests are metal (black, death, doom, and viking)… as well as horror/gore films, nature, occult, videogames, ancient civilizations, cannibalism, and serial killers/true crime.Been a metal fan since 1989 where she discovered Testament and Death. Her favorite bands include: Nokturnal Mortum, Dark Funeral, Satyricon, Emperor, Limbonic Art, Lord Belial, Graveland, Dissection, Borknagar, Summoning, Marduk, Immortal, Horna, Drudkh, Immortal, Tsjuder, Negură Bunget, Mütiilation, Morbid Angel, Officium Triste, etc…

Fun Fact: Her boyfriend is drummer and songwriter to Emperial Massacre.









Emperial Massacre:





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Merciless Onslaught for June 10, 2011

Last week I was off but returned this week with a much killer set of songs. I did have some buffering this show so if you’d like a song that was messed up just let me know and I’ll send it your way.

0. C.C.C.P. – “American-Soviets (Cameron Paul Remix)” (Background Music)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)
2. Morbid Angel – “Immortal Rites”
3. Apocalyptic Horror – “The Pope is Dead”
4. Bestial Hordes – “Revenge of Hate”
5. Necrocult – “Portal of Oblivion”
6. Morbid Angel – “Lord of All Fevers & Plague”
7. Plutonian Shore – “Forest of Adversarial Light”
8. Crippled By Society – “Total Rebellion”
9. Nokturnel – “Sliding Down the Razor”
10. Blood – “Dogmatize”
11. F.C.D.N. Tormentor – “Mystic Rites”
12. Fisthammer – “Doom of the Gods”
13. Neckar – “Robot Trees”
14. Angel Flesh – “Suicidal Dreams”
15. Necronomicon Beast – “In Hell We Trust”
16. Porno Dracula – “Sizzling Rain”
17. Syphilitic Lust – “Sociopath”
18. Nuclear Assault – “F#”
19. Vaginal Bear Trap – “Scalping the Chief”
20. Bloody Pit of Horror – “Morbid Thirst”
21. Nocturnal Graves – “Skullthrone”
22. Witch Tomb – “Carved Up Christ”
23. Witchmaster – “Obedience”
24. Sexcrement – “Camel Toe Rodeo”
25. Panzerchrist – “Panzergrenadier”
26. Satanic Threat – “Guilty of Hating Christ”
27. Grieved – “Sculpted Throne”
28. X-Men – “I Walk Alone”
29. C.F.D.L. – “Make Me Happy”
30. Ghost – “Elizabeth”
31. Dead Congregation – “Vanishing Faith”
32. Gospel of the Horns – “Blood and Iron”
33. Barbatos – “Prophecy of the Evening Star”
34. Humut Tabal – “Soul Void”
35. Mortify – “Kingdom of Tears”
36. Anialator – “Fatal Decision”
37. Abigail – “I’m the Reaper”
38. Disfigured Dead – “Screamatorium”
39. Dead Horse – “Cod Piece Face”
40. Noctiferum – “When the Shadows”
41. Wicked Angel – “The Realms of Chaos”
42. The Unpatriotics – “Why Not?”
43. Nunslaughter – “Deathlehem”
44. Therion – “Morbid Reality”
45. Ptahil – “Universal Extinction”
46. Zushakon – “Dawn of the Blackshirts”

47. Bathory – “Equimanthorn”

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12th Merciless Model – Lilith


(12th Merciless Model – June 5, 2011)



My name is Lilith. I am from Pretoria South Africa. I am a new mommy
of a cute little girl named Kira, she is my life. I do modeling and
organizing for Emalyth. My favourite colours are black and red (and
for some reason pink). I have several piercings and tattoos and I’m
definitely getting more!

Oh and I like Llamas





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