11th Merciless Model – YaZ

(11th Merciless Model – May 29, 2011)

I’m Yazmin but call me Yaz. I’m 22 years old and I’m from the small country of Costa Rica. I’m studying graphic design and I used to study computer engineering. I also have a passion for photography.

Well I’m an alt model since 2008, when i did my first photoshoot along with my sister NaTyMeTaL. I loveee modeling for clothing designers, for bands with their merch or to photographer only to help them with their portfolio. It’s a huge passion for me, i love doing it. That’s why i created, with my sis, a model site called Gorgeous Freaks, to help alt models to get their work out so they can get more jobs.

I’m obssesse with music, mostly metal, industrial and horror punk, also obssesse with piercings and tattoo, huge fetish i have, that’s why my boyfriend is a piercing artist hehe, also i love to help people out, that’s why must of the modeling i had done, i done it for free.

So well, hope you like me work, love you all!!





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