Special Sunday Merciless Onslaught for May 29, 2011

Special Sunday Onslaught as I filled in on Sunday Night Time Machine. There was some buffering during the show so if you want a certain track that messed up just let me know and I’ll send it to you.


Here was my Onslaught of Old School Shit!

0. Root – “Satan’s March” (Background Music)
1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. At War – “Ordered to Kill”

3. Morbid Scream – “Timeless Sleep”

4. Bulldozer – “Whiskey Time”

5. Pestilence – “The Process of Suffocation”

6. S.A. Slayer – “Final Holocaust”

7. Holy Moses – “Queen of Siam”

8. Mayhem – “Tear Down the Walls”

9. Sentinel Beast – “Corpse”

10. Morbid Termination – “Metal Child”

11. Satan’s Host – “Metal From Hell”

12. Protected Illusion – “Protected Illusion”

13. Black Knight – “Warlords Wrath”

14. Sentinel – “Panzer Attack”

15. Backwater – “Backwater”

16. Battalion – “Wing of War”

17. King Diamond – “The Invisible Guests”

18. Sacrifice – “Light of the End”

19. Wicked Angel – “The Realms of Chaos”

20. Bloodlust – “Ride to Death”

21. Sabbat – “Metalucifer and Evilucifer”

22. Num Skull – “Ritually Abused”

23. Soothsayer – “Dig”

24. Saxon – “Power & The Glory”

25. Hellhammer – “Satanic Rites”

“Merciless Onslaught”
On Brutal Existence Radio
Every Friday At 3pm-6pm EST

Require Alt Key

Require Alt Key

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