16th Merciless Model – Bunny


South Africa
(16th Merciless Model – July 3, 2011)
Greetings, I’m Minette (Better known as Bunny)

I’m an aspiring alternative model. I am an Emalyth Mayfair model and I hold the title of Miss November 2011 in the Jagermusic Calendar.  I have one facial piercing and 10 ear piercings. No tattoos.. yet. I’m a goth-metalhead-ArtisticFreak with an unhealthy interest in corsets, lace, PVC, medieval torture devices, Tim Burton movies and corpsepaint.

I’m currently studying to become a makeup artist. When I have some spare time you will find me playing keyboard for local ambient group Swartstika or drawing/painting.

Previous Work:
Jagermusic Miss Rock & Roll Alternative pageant and Calendar: Miss November 2011
Boudoir Fusion Photography

Irma Bosch Photography (MUSE Magazine photo shoot)

Black Cat Photography (Emalyth)

Alternat Butterfly Silly Lilly Photography (Emalyth)

Facebook Profile:

Facebook Fan Page:
(coming soon)

ModelBase Profile:
Merciless Models Page

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