Merciless Onslaught for May 27, 2011

All songs on this onslaught were ones that have never been played on the show before.
0. Nåe – “Vannets Kall” (Background Music)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Witchcraft – “On the Land of the Shadows”

3. Desaster – “Angel Extermination”

4. Profanal – “Condemned to Vomiting”

5. Incriminated – “Evil Aggressor”

6. Blut Aus Nord – “The Cycle of the Cycles”

7. Nocturnal Witch – “Baphomet’s Call”

8. Liege Lord – “Cast Out”

9. Impulse Manslaughter – “Oatmeal”

10. Harm – “Eradication of the Individual”

11. Amebix – “Slave”

12. Borzig – “Doomed Now Forever”

13. Force of Darkness – “No Reincarnation (The Path of Lost Souls)”

14. HellKrusher – “Morbid”

15. Hobbs’ Angel of Death – “The Journey”

16. Knife Hits – “Your God is A Ghost”

17. Claws – “Bloodsucking Sorcery”

18. Sapraemia – “I, Lobot”

19. Suburban Showdown – “Hippies of the World Unite and Die”

20. Vomitory – “Forever Damned”

21. Sick of it All – “World Full of Hate”

22. Onslaught – “Witch Hunt”

23. Num Skull – “Off With Your Head”

24. Guerra Total – “Cementerio Infernal”

25. Catasexual Urge Motivation – “King of the Degenerates in the End of the Century”

26. Hazard County Girls – “Red Light”

27. Cremation (Can) – “Black Cloud Landscape of Infernal Indulgence”

28. Black Tusk – “Embrace the Madness”

29. Desolate – “FireFlight”

30. Unholy Trinity – “Zdrada”

31. Depths of Tartarus – “Enslaved Below Hades”

32. Sarkom – “Inferior Bleeding”

33. Noctiferum – “Darkest Sanctum”

34. Blaze of Perdition – “Son of Dawn”

35. Katharsis – “Watchtowers of Darkness”

36. Malefactor – “Recluse”

37. Blutvial – “Serpent Procreation”

38. Immortal (PK) – “As I Lay”

39. Juno Bloodlust – “Total Eclipse, Sinister Prophet”

40. Wrong Answer – “Open Fire/The Wrong Way”

41. Sui Caedere – “Serenade Triste”

42. Merciless Onslaught – “Mirror of Death”

43. Furia – “Auto-psy d’un Damne”

44. Ugulishi – “Night of Demonic Illumination”

45. Abhinanda – “My Source”

46. Jungle Rot – “Humans Shall Pay”

47. Sapraemia – “Fuckernaut”

48. Proctophobic – “Black Fucking Masturbation”

49. Kaaos – “Ootsa Valmis Kuolemaan”

50. Dodsengel – “Warfare by Witchcraft”
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10th Merciless Model – Candace Carnage

Candace Carnage
(10th Merciless Model – May 22, 2011)

I’m Candace Carnage from Houston, Texas.
I love brutal death metal, and love making brutal art as well.



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Merciless Onslaught for May 20, 2011

One Onslaught at a time
crazy awesome weird show this was.
Here was my Onslaught.

0. Shiro Sagisu – “Enemy Unseen” (Background Music)
1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Nokturnel – “Global Suicide”

3. O.L.D. – “Corpse Full of Gunk”

4. Ratos de Porão – “Death of the King”

5. Crow – “Dark, Grief, Anger”

6. Gallhammer – “Entropy G35”

7. Beer Corpse – “Blood Crew”

8. Stoner Witch – “Church of Doom”

9. Corpus Rottus – “Spawns of Human Waste”

10. Cruel Force – “Leather and Metal”

11. Denouncement Pyre – “A Banner Drenched in Blood”

12. Bestial Holocaust – “Impostor”

13. Bestial Holocaust – “Pasaporte Al Infierno”

14. Zemial – “The Scourge of the Kingdom”

15. Delirium Tremens – “Seed of the Kingdom”

16. In Defence – “Garbage In Garbage Out”

17. Necrocult – “The Age of Earth Bleeding”

18. Apocalyptic Horror – “Coming of the Apocalypse”

19. Cemetery Lust – “Cum on the Cross”

20. DödsÄngel – “Eternal War”

21. Mortuary Drape – “Moon”

22. Spewtilator – “D.O.T.D.”

23. Grand Belial’s Key – “Foul Parody of the Lord’s Supper”

24. P.L.F. – “Pose in Hell”

25. Temple of the Absurd – “Darker Than Hate”

26. Martire – “Apocalypse”

27. Amputator – “Obliteration”

28. Wishbone Ash – “Queen of Torture”

29. Disfigured Dead – “Beyond the Darkness”

30. Miserycore – “End of the World”

31. Unholy Force – “Chosen One of Evil”

32. Animus Mortis – “Thresholds of Insanity”

33. Witchfinder General – “Death Penalty”

34. Malignant Tumour – “Motorcrust”

35. Kulto Maldito – “Sangre en el Altar”

36. Winter of Apokalypse – “Black Metal of Death”

37. Nocturnal – “Thrash Attack”

38. A Global Threat – “The Kids Will Revolt”

39. Nocturnal Graves – “The Pestilence Crucified”

40. Bloody Pit of Horror – “Demented”

41. Strike Master – “M.A.O.A.”

42. The Black – “The Sign of the Evil Spirit”

43. Greedy Mouth – “1,2,3 Chug A Beer for Bruce Lee”

44. Greedy Mouth – “Wax On Wax Off”

45. Circle Jerks – “Deny Everything”

46. 7 Seconds– “We’re Gonna Fight”
47. Nig Heist – “Love In Your Mouth”

48. Siege – “Drop Dead”

49. Fondle Corpse – “Impregnating the Comatose”

50. Nuclear Death Terror – “Chaotic Alliance”

51. Enjoy My Bitch! – “Marie Funny Clit Play”

52. Holy Shit B.S.E. – “Don’t Leave the Whore Planet”

53. Epileptic Fistfuck – “Splattered on a Slab”

54. Slayer – “The Final Command”

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9th Merciless Model – Gypsy Rhodes

Gypsy Rhodes
(9th Merciless Model – May 15, 2011)

I am Gypsy Rhodes, an Alt/fetish model from UK, with a passion for latex, leather, pvc, bondage, big heels and the bizarre! I have been modeling for over two years and love everything about it!



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Merciless Onslaught for May 13, 2011

One Crazy Ass Onslaught With Lots Of Different Shit!


0. Root – “Satan’s March” (Background Music)
1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Cannibal Corpse – “Born In A Casket”

3. Funeral Rites – “Blackened Ruins”

4. Sabbat – “Witchflight”

5. Bestial Warlust – “Death Rides Out”

6. Mefitic – “Diseased Ruth”

7. Doom Siren – “When Hell Comes Calling”

8. Teitanblood – “Infernal Abominations of Death”

9. N.M.E. – “Lethal Dose”

10. Baphomet’s Blood – “Baphometal”

11. NecroMessiaH – “Pest”

12. Deep Purple – “Pictures of Home”

13. Coffin Rot – “Perversion of Lust”

14. Sepultura – “Morbid Visions”

15. D.R.I. – “Labeled Uncurable”

16. Bomb Disneyland – “Prostitution”

17. Crucifier – “Exhumed Remains of A Decayed Corpse”

18. The Accused – “I’d Love to Change the World” *for Andrea*

19. Vulture Lord – “Awakening the Warhorde”

20. Cross Examination – “Blackout”

21. Celtic Frost – “Dawn of Megiddo” *for Joey*

22. Anguished – “These Gray Days”

23. Infernal Torment – “On the Hunt for Fresh Flesh”

24. Repuked – “Pervertopia”

25. Cromagnon – “Caledonia”

26. Wastelander – “Final Combat”

27. Rainbow of Death – “Five-Finger Discount Anthem”

28. Rainbow of Death – “Nice Happy Day”

29. Samael – “Morbid Metal”

30. Interment – “Night of the Undead”

31. Nirvana 2002 – “The Awakening of…”

32. Insect Warfare – “Necessary Death”

33. Sadistic Intent – “Necrophiliac”

34. Tjolgtjar – “The Satanic Rites of Dracula”

35. Godless – “Ziarahs”

36. Bloody Lair – “Identify Your Death”

37. Morbus – “Diabolical Rites (Witches Sabbath)”

38. Witchaven – “Screams in the Night”

39. Warbeast – “The Plague At Hand”

40. Heathen – “Pray for Death”

41. Destruction – “Curse The Gods”

42. Pisschrist – “Neverending Nightmare”

43. Ruins – “Inhale the Cries of the Impaled Children”

44. Wrathprayer – “Devourers of Light”

45. S.O.B. – “Raging In Hell”

46. Et Verbi Sathanus – “Dulce Et Decorum Est”

47. Xibalba – “Itzam Cab Ain Katun”

48. Creamface – “Tied Down, Fucked Hard”

49. Nifelheim – “The Devastation”

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8th Merciless Model – Hesmarie HellFire

Hesmarie HellFire
(8th Merciless Model – May 8, 2011)

I started her modeling career at the tender age of 12 where she successfully and eagerly did high fashion ramp.
Following in which she competed in several beauty competitions, such as Miss Hiberdeen, Miss Madibeng to name a few.
Hesmarie was making a strong well known name for herself, and due to her success as a model, she got put on the list for Miss Teen SA and to the dismay of other competing models, Hesmarie also got a contract to go to Los Angels. Hesmarie had a decision to make as her future career as a model could have been riding on this opportunity, yet she turned down this extravagant offer and decided to rather focus on her education instead.
Hesmarie’s decision was based on wisdom for her future, she quotes, ” I have always been a realistic model, and this is probably one of my down falls as a model. I believe that you cant ride on your “looks” forever. Life is unpredictable and physical “beauty” fades.”
After a few years, Hesmarie moved out of the modeling industry and decided to help give classes at a modeling school in Brits, but she soon grew tired of all the white ball room gowns and high heels that raped the souls of their feet and not too mention all the “Barbie girl” types that thought they were better than her. At the blooming age of 16, Hesmarie competed in her final modeling show before she the left the scene to explore newer pastures in the form of drama & arts.
Hesmarie’s heart has always been different to the types she had to deal with and work with as a child, she is and will always be an Alternative Lady. The type of Lady if you get the opportunity to meet her, you will love and cherish forever, she is the lady that will make the crowd laugh, by falling flat on her face walking the ramp, and will stand up and give you a bow with a smile. She is the type of Lady that stands outside having a cigarette while the rest of the “So Called Barbies” fuss about their hair and make up, and still outshines the rest on the ramps.
Hesmarie then moved into the Alternative scene where she did her first Alternative Photoshoot with Charlette Coetzee for Emalyth. This was a huge success, because a combination of a beautiful, talented model, and great photographer.
In Hesmaries own words, ” I see modeling, especially “Alternative” Modeling as a way of self expression. Just like make up does for some girls, I know that no two females or models for that matter are in any way alike. Yes, we can slap on the same make up, dress in the same clothing and shoes, but that will never make us the same.”
All Hesmarie’s shoots have a little hint of Hesmarie Hellfire in them, you will see it straight away when you look at her work, an art in itself.
My goal would be to get Alternative Modeling more out there as its a form of art very little people recognize, and its not about who’s the prettiest, skinnies or makes the most but the fun and love for modeling and just being yourself.

–+ the above piece was from Hesmarie’s website +–

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Merciless Onslaught for May 6, 2011 (Goregrowler’s Ball 5 Special)

This Onslaught of songs had bands that will be performing at this years Goregrowler’s Ball 5 fest also had Aaron “Goregrowler” Co-Hosting the show with me.

0. Blotted Science – “Laser Lobotomy” (Background Music)

1. Bestial Mockery – “Satan’s Devilsaw” (Opening Theme)

2. Lair of the Minotaur – “Evil Power”

3. Meathook – “Bound, Gagged and Raped”

4. Mourning – “Human Extinction”

5. Aborted – “Left Hand Path” *Entombed Cover*

6. Bloodsoaked – “Suicide”

7. Gravehill – “One Million Dead & Counting”

8. Extremely Rotten – “Chambers of Excrutiation”

9. Malignancy – “Predicated Malformations”

10. Noisear – “Deformed By Society”

11. Noisear – “Stress Pandemic”

12. Noisear – “The Last Spark of Resistance”

13. Sathanas – “Cult of Blood”

14. Putrid Pile – “A Fitting End”

15. Sacrificial Slaughter – “Reign of the Hammer”

16. Woods of Ypres – “Everything I Touch Turns to Gold (then to coal)”

17. Invidiosus – “Deaf School Fire Alarm”

18. Suffocation – “Liege of Inveracity”

19. Nokturnel – “Ancestral Calling”

20. Blowtorch Sodomy – “Masturbating with a Shitsicle”

21. Infernal Damnation – “Invocations of the Dead”

22. Dreaming Dead – “Stairs Into the Vortex”

23. Derkéta – “Last Rites”

24. Cardiac Arrest – “Embrace the Aftermath”

25. Drogheda – “Agents of Primordial Creation and Ultimate Destruction”

26. Drogheda – “Crackhead Going Fast”

27. Atrocious Abnormality – “Raped Apart”

28. Gorematory – “Zombie Slaughterfest”

29. Malignant Christ – “Shine of the Dismembered”

30. Exhumed – “As Hammer to Anvil”

31. Hellwitch – “Epitome of Disgrace”

32. Solstice – “To Dust”

33. Vore – “The Line that Divides”

34. Rottenness – “Diary of a Pedophiliac”

35. Deceased – “Kindred Assembly”

36. The Meatfuckers – “Pornorama”

37. The Evil Amidst – “The Evil Amidst”

38. Hod – “Harbinger of Death”

39. Insidious Decrepancy – “Contemptuous Inception”

40. Viral Load – “Dog Food Lube”

41. Severance – “Beyond Barriers”

42. Emperial Massacre – “Voices of Tormenting Redemption”

43. Baring Teeth – “The Dead Hand”

44. Vaginal Bear Trap – “Organ Rearranger”

45. Engaged In Mutilating – “Defiled Existence”

46. Eviscerated – “Toilet Bowl Bowels”

47. Disfigured – “Cunt Force Trauma”

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